About MeSpring 2009 052

I am a thirtysomething French Canadian transplanted into the heart of Texas. I am a student and teacher of Yoga–and by that I mean Yoga with a capital Y, Yoga as a whole-life science and not strictly Yoga as Asana, although I like that part, too. When off the mat I can be found  reading poetry and novels about India, knitting, baking with spelt and agave nectar, and generally indulging in the domestic arts. My husband D and I are passionate about our home life, which we share with two great dogs, Lila and Chance, two possibly greater cats, Mr Darcy and Scout, and of one big garden, in which so far we’ve planted mostly hopes and dreams.

About This Site

Breathe Simple serves as a container to hold and help organize my thoughts on how to live my life, both on and off the mat, with deeper and clearer intention; how to be more awake to and aware of each moment; and how to incorporate my findings into my teaching.  May it be of benefit.


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